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How Much Can You Afford to Pay on A Mortgage?

mortgage-calculatorThe first question any potential homebuyer or renter should ask is “How much can I afford to pay on my home a month?”  Often people overlook their budget just to get into a property they desire.  This could be financially disastrous if you take on more debt and higher mortgage payments than your budget can afford. Carrington Real Estate Services offers an online mortgage calculator to help you make an informed decision about your future home purchase. Our mortgage calculator will  help you discover how much your monthly payment could be based on: the price of a home, down payment, interest rate, mortgage term, property tax rate, and PMI. This free service helps you to get an idea of the mortgage amount you will owe each year.  Use the Mortgage Calculator here.  Once you know how much you can afford, feel free to search our South Florida properties for sale and contact our office to schedule a time to see luxury homes that can work for you!